During his trip back to Cairo, Karim Terouz (frontman) was invited to talk music and bands with long time friend and “Mid-Day-Mix” host Mohamed “Mickey” Ibrahim LIVE on NILE FM,Cairo’s number one hit music station and the most followed english frequency on Egypt’s radio!

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“I was flattered to connect with the people of Cairo, there is nobody doing what I am doing with The Few and I wanted there to be an example that aspiring musicians and singers can follow or turn to.” – K.T


The Chat started out about a little introduction on how Karim came to to tackle songwriting then “Mickey” started popping questions about how the band got together.Later the host played the track “Soleil” from the album “Sinners on St-Laurent” and added that: “I actually DID liked that !”
Soon after the chat was diverted to how can we grow a scene for that kind of english oriented music in Cairo,Karim suggested “open mic nights !” since after all it is the bottom of the ladder for any musician starting out.


Here are some pics from the interview :

About Karim Terouz

Born and raised in Cairo, Karim Terouz (formerly a professional illustrator, local cartoonist) moved at the age of 25 to Montreal Canada to ultimatly pursue a musical career, 4 years later... His songs are written, arranged and lined up in a particular theme of the youthful Montreal lifestyle; in his first album "Sinners on St-Laurent"...